Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stripey Bottom

I've been seeing bloggers and people on the street wearing tight mini skirts. I wanted to try it out but was also pretty sure that this trend isn't meant for women my size. Then I saw this skirt for $14 and thought 'why not? maybe? could I?'
If you follow me on the Twitter you may have seen that I was lamenting that I didn't have any bloggers who I could text to get a second opinion. I put it back on the shelf twice. I asked the Gentleman Caller, but since he's a dude he was just like "oooo mini skirt!" which, while appreciated, was not terribly helpful. So here it is. Still not totally sold. At some moments I felt sexy and confident and others I felt that really it is much too short.

cardigan: Ricki's
top: Big W
skirt: Target
leggings: Target but in USA
shoes: Quick Brown Fox

Today I am thankful for the wonderful friends that I have even though they are a million, kajillion, babillion kilometres away. 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Shoes: Modern Vintage

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Modern Vintage from Gravity Pope, Edmonton

There was a sale at Gravity Pope that was something like buy one get one 1/2 off. I couldn't pass up these beauties. They are not comfortable at all. There is no platform so the heel is dangerously high. In the pictures the suede looks black but it's actually navy blue. They are so pretty that I can't bear to get rid of them!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Lacy games

I'm finding dressing so difficult in Melbourne. My style is all about layers and with the hot and humid weather that's just not possible. So most of the time I'm sweating my face off and not feeling like myself.
This outfit actually felt like me and it wasn't too hot either!!

dress: Ricki's
top: Target
belt: H&M
shoes: Quick Brown Fox

Taking outfit photos is tricky without a tripod or a Gentleman...

Today I am thankful for finally getting something right.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time

My mom sent me some questions that everybody apparently wanted to know. 

1) What do Christmas cards look like in Australia - do they have Coniferous trees on them? Snow?
Yes, there are some cards with snow and fir trees on them. There are also some with Santa surfing in board shorts. It seems strange to see snow on products relating to Christmas because it never happens here. I don't understand identifying a holiday with something that never happens on that holiday. 

 2) Do people put up Christmas trees? What kind?
Some must because I've seen exactly one store selling them. Why they don't just pick a local tree is beyond me. We don't have one in the apartment that I'm staying in because we are going away for Christmas. We'll see if the family we're going to see will have one. Somehow I think not. I really miss their smell...

3) Do people eat turkey & stuffing and such? I imagine no perogies or cabbage rolls. Is it truly shrimp on the barbi?
I guess we'l see? If it's 40 degrees I don't think that we'll be eating anything hot at all. Maybe cold turkey? Maybe just something on the bbq? I think it also might involve napping in the heat of the day? And they don't even call them shrimp here. They are prawns. 

4) Decorations? Do they have wreaths like we do of fir boughs?
Sure. But they're plastic. Not many people decorate at all. I've see one house that has a decoration:

That's it. No exaggeration. That's the decoration. 

There are some decorations in the CBD but I think that's more to remind people that it's gift giving season and that they should spend all their money. 

5) Kids are off school now, right? Are they in the middle of summer vacation? When do they go back?
They must be. They are everywhere at the moment. I think they go back sometime in Feb.  My friends are in university and they go back on Jan 10 but that's a completely different system. 

Tomorrow morning bright and early we are off to Adelaide. Four of us will be driving in a tiny car, so that should be pretty friendly. We've decided to go the long way along the Great Ocean Road, stopping over night. I can't wait to see it!
I hope you have the Happiest Christmas with all those warm and wonderful feelings that family brings. I will be missing mine more than I can say. 


Monday, December 19, 2011


Last weekend we went to Meredith Music Festival. I haven't camped at a festival since 2007 so even though we didn't know any of the bands we were pretty excited.
Look at this amazing rooftop tent of our pals!

Our humble campsite.

Chilling out.

What I look like with no makeup, no shower, little sleep and a mouth full of waffle.

Today I am thankful for the gift of music. Those who are able to hear and appreciate are truly blessed. 


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Shoes: Indigo shoe boots

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Indigo by Clarks from Gravity Pope, Edmonton

I was searching everywhere for some shoe boots that were actually decent to walk in. These are definitely them. Any Indigo shoe is guaranteed to be comfy! I love the different textures on the shoe as well because  it's so much more exciting than a plain black shoe. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting into the spirit

Christmas is one of my favourite times. I love the baking (both making and eating), the eggnog, the smell of the tree, the gaudy and shiny decorations, the mistletoe, the cold noses, the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine...  Even more than Christmas itself I love the atmosphere leading up to the day.

Here in Melbourne, since I'm on the other side of the world, nothing at all seems like Christmas. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. I mean today is 29! (and it's 32 in Adelaide, where we are headed next week). There is barely any decorations up. No tree. No cozy factor at all. Instead of making mulled wine and letting that gorgeous smell fill the house, I'm drinking gin and tonics and hoping for more ice.

Since I'm not working I've lost track of the days. I see my friends at home putting up countdown days of work left. And I'm like "left until what?? Ohhhh Christmas break!"

I decided that I needed to do something to get me in the Christmas spirit. That something was cookies (it always is, really)

No cookie cutters makes for individual cookies!

Sometimes you make a really good attempt at decorating

Sometimes you spread leftover icing and  go to read a book

Today I am thankful for being able to live in a place where I can use the kitchen. I lived in a share house in London and I was afraid of all the people who lived there (10 of us total) and of the dirty kitchen. Here it's is beautiful, light, and I can bake!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Differences: Sushi

This is me.

I am a big fan of sushi. And when I  say that, I mean I like it.  A lot. I get it most days for lunch both in Australia and at home in Canada.

In Canada takeaway sushi looks like this:

In Australia takeaway sushi looks like this:

The roll is huge and you just gnaw on it. I suppose that makes it much easier to eat on the go. Also the soya sauce is in this cute little fish containers.

Anyway you present it to me, I dig it. I think I just made myself hungry.

Today I am thankful for foods that I love being ever present and easy to find. Also for my mom insisting that I try sushi even though the first experience was pretty terrible. Note to future sushi enthusiasts: do not start experimental sushi tastings with a slimy eel. Try an creamy avocado roll instead. It will change your life. True story.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is what greets me on the pavement as I leave the house each morning.

Just goes to show that 14 year old boys are the same the world over.

Also I may be slightly immature for taking a picture of it...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Expectations you could never live up to

Ugh. Expectations are the worst. They cause me the most pain. I've learned to try to not get too excited about things. Because getting excited makes me hope for things and then when everything goes to hell, I feel crushed. I used to have a friend who would always make plans, I would get really excited and then she would ultimately flake out at the last minute. So I learned that if I wasn't excited about anything, I wouldn't be disappointed by anything.
But I love love love getting excited about things. Sometimes the anticipation is the very best part. Christmas Eve is the best bit of the holiday season. Friday is the best night because there is the whole weekend left to enjoy. Part of what I love about myself is that I love things, I'm excited by things, I find the world interesting most days, when I'm my best. I don't want to lose that because I'm afraid of being disappointed. I'm trying to get excited but not disappointed.

Today at 10:08am I had a job. Today at 9:14pm I didn't. In those few hours I got really excited even though the job was vague, strange, undefined and confusing. Maybe just because it's been 2 months of applying and applying and applying and this was some hope. Something to do. Some reason to get up in the morning other than to go for a walk and do the dishes. Especially now that the Gentleman Caller is out of the city. He has this awful job selling internet door to door and is subject to old ladies pooing themselves, old men trying beating him with a cane and dogs with bared teeth attacking him. And he's away all week. Maybe two. Ugh.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I love a costume party. I love them more than most things. It's so fun to dress up and see how far people will take a theme. Recently we went to a friend's 30th birthday party in full Indian Bollywood style. We drove out to a suburb called Dandenong to go shopping for our outfits.

I actually felt pretty uncomfortable since I was concerned about cultural appropriation and was hoping against hope that the people of Indian descent didn't think that we were making fun of them. When we arrived at the clothing stores the shop keepers were so very friendly and helpful. They seemed happy to help us make the most of our Bollywood adventure, so that made me feel a bit better about it.

The birthday girl hired out an entire Indian restaurant and the employees were all dressed in beautiful saris. They were pretty excited because they never get to wear traditional things to work regularly.
Since we are slightly low on funds and space we didn't go all out like some of the other guests. We dressed up, ate delicious food and had a great time! Also it was the most comfortable birthday party ever! And cool too... I'm definitely wearing this again in Adelaide, where it's supposed to be hot enough to melt your eyeballs. Super.

Kurta & bangles: Roshan's in Dandenong
lei: gift from birthday girl
scarf: gift from Somalian client
pants: Lulu Lemon
sandals: Teva
earrings: gift from mama
necklace: English village shop
cuff bracelet: gift from uncle
bag: Matt & Nat

Today I am thankful for bright colours and the best food. Sometimes that, plus good company, is all that you need!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Shoes: Black Camper Twins

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Camper Twins from Camper store, London, England

My family came to visit me in England in 2006 and we stumbled across the Camper store in Knightsbridge. My sister and I got awesome flat Campers and wore them all over Italy and Ireland. Comfy and Cute!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sugar Belly

This post is about bellies. Well, one belly in particular: the Sugar Belly. Lately I've spent a lot of time (more than I'd like to admit) thinking about the Sugar Belly. About how it crept up on me. About how when I look down I get confused that it's attached to me. About how when I catch myself in a mirror unexpectedly I think "why is that belly lady walking so close to me?" I think that since I've been in Australia I've been thinking about it more. Maybe because it's getting hotter and hotter by the day and I can't keep the Sugar Belly under layers because I'll just melt. Maybe because in the area I live there are many many many tiny hipsters wearing leggings and sheer crop tops and I know that I'll never look like that. And then I remember that I never want to look like that.

I read a lot of blogs and I love when I see other bloggers wearing a pencil skirt and they have this lovely little belly bulge. I think it's beautiful, womanly and sexy. It makes them look like classic 1950s women and I love how clothes look on these other women. But when I see that same rounded tum on me? It just looks all wrong. Why is it that I can love a feature on someone else but when it's on me I want to hide it away?

I have some loving and forgiveness to work on I think.

I need to remember that this is the body that I have. This is the body that has carried me through my very lucky 30 years. This Sugar Belly rose gently and partially because of falling in love and spending the best times cuddled up, drinking wine and eating cheese. And I wouldn't trade that for the world. My Sugar Belly is strong and the skin is so soft. And maybe this is just the shape that I am right now. And maybe that's ok.

Sal from Already Pretty  shared a link to this project the other day. It's where normal women, just like you and I, sent in photos of their bellies. Big, small, flat, rounded, soft, taut, stretch marked, and baby-full. And you know what? THEY ALL WERE BEAUTIFUL! They all were real. Victoria Secret bellies are real bellies for a very, very few and regimented beautiful people. The rest of us? We're beautiful too. Real is better. Real is always better. Ok?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Phillip Island: The Pinnacles

When the Gentleman Caller and I went to Phillip Island we walked down to Cape Woolamai.

We walked along the beach and up to the highest point to see the Pinnacles, a rock formation. 

tops: both from target
jeans: NY & Co
sunnies: Ricki's

We ended up walking 23km that day! I have to stop carrying a big, heavy bag full of books if I'm going to go on a long journey! 

Click through to see all the pictures!

Today I am thankful for the sea. I grew up in a landlocked province and the sea was never part of my life. When I moved to England I lived right on the coast and could hear the sea outside my window. I love that it's so mesmerizing and powerful. I love the smell, the sound, the feeling that we are all connected. Across that ocean is my family and friends. And I am here. But the water I see today could have a droplet of water all the way from home in it... 


Sunday Shoes: Fly London Wedges

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Fly London from Gravity Pope, Calgary

These were my first pair of expensive shoes. I fell in love with the colour and the style. It was the beginning of a Fly London love affair. 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chocolate Factory

The Gentleman Caller and I went for a mini holiday to Phillip Island.

There is a chocolate factory on the island. A CHOCOLATE FACTORY!! Where you get chocolate samples! Of chocolate! All very thrilling, I know.

Read about the whole adventure at Mind the Ramp!

Today I am thankful for... you guessed it, yummy delicious chocolatey goodness