Bondi Beach Babes & Sydney Swans

Bondi Beach is the epitome of Sydney in the sun. We took the train and scoffed at taking the further bus. We used our internal GPS to guide us along the long walk to the beach. 

We lounged on the hot sand, I fell asleep with my book on my belly and got a resulting book tan. We ate delicious fish and chips, found a pub to play cards in and magically found a cheap sushi train in the train station. What a perfect day!

This fountain reminds me of a dandelion. I made a wish just in case. 

We wandered into a mall at some point and I discovered what is very possibly the best pair of shoes in the world. Oh Miu Miu why are you so expensive. 

When we were in Melbourne we watched the Aussie Rules Football Grand Final. We went to a pub that traditionally supported the Sydney Swans and cheered them on to win. As we were walking down the street in Sydney we stumbled upon the Swans victory parade!

These man-kangaroos had bouncy springs in their feet and fake muscles in their arms. I don't really get it but it was pretty fun. 

There were machines that shot confetti into the air. All I could think about was who was going to clean it all up?

We took a shortcut through a mall and participated in a mini mixology course. We learned how to make a daiquiri with the proper bartender technique! And we were able to drink our creations too, all for FREE!

Today I am thankful for happy accidents. I love when things just come together without even trying!


Laura Go said…
your posts make me so happy, Danielle. You are so full of happiness and optimism! I love that you fell asleep with a book on your belly! I never got a book tan before, but it sounds like the best kind of tan there is :)
♥ laura
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