Earthquake memories

Christchurch, New Zealand:

I never realized how much this city was effected by the earthquake. It's like it is referred to as The Earthquake, like a character. The city centre doesn't even exist any longer. There are whole blocks of the city that are abandoned and fenced off. Parts that you can't even walk into for fear of buildings falling down. And you can't see the beautiful Cathedral at all because it's behind a pile of rubble. It's so sad. There is such a sense of loss. It's almost like the identity is lost. 

There are fences, traffic cones, and bulldozers everywhere. Everything is in a state of disrepair. Or buildings that have been pulled down but haven't been cleared away because there are more important things to attend to. 

But there is also a sense of community and resiliance. There are spaces that are growing in between the damage. The dance-o-mat is where you plug your ipod into a washing machine, pay $2, and then music will come over the speakers and you can dance in a public space. Families were dancing together. It was amazing. Such a great way to create hope amongst the rubble.

It was overwhelming. It was eerie. It was more emotional than I expected. Read more at Mind the Ramp. 

Today I am thankful to live in a safe part of the world. It's not the most exciting place but at least I know that the ground under me will stay where it is. I hope.


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