Turning a year older in the first snow in over a year!

I turned 31 last month. I talked about it here. Because I'm terribly behind on life here are the photos. I started the day mighty early to get on a bus from Christchurch to Queenstown. I also was surprised with a lovely gift of a cupcake from my hostess! 

The bus ride was long and very twisty turny. But it was gorgeous. I mean look at it:

Lake Tekapo was the lunch stop, what a beautiful place! Also this was the first time that we had seen snow in well over a year!

We finally reached our destination and wandered around town. We managed to find a funny little bar called Cowboys that was decorated very appropriately. They also had crazy cheap drinks (and as we found out the next day, free little pizza bar snacks!). 

A glass of wine by the fire was the perfect way to welcome ourselves to this new place.

For dinner the Gentleman Caller treated me to a Mexican Fiesta! Yummo!

We worked very hard at perfecting our The Rock looks. 

There were many that just ended up like this: A huge giggle. 

Nailed it. Or is this bedroom eyes... it's so hard to tell. 

The greatest bit was trying all their hot sauces. With names like Saddam Insane, McCain's Torture Sauce and Fiery Fart, what choice did I have? (The Melinda's was the best)

Today I am thankful for growing a year older in a new place with a lovely man by my side. 


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