Queenstown: Adrenaline Junkies

Queenstown is a lovely little town on a lake surrounded by mountains. It's also a place where people do things like jet boating, rafting and bungee jumping. If you like that sort of thing. Which we don't. So instead we walked around looking for the world's largest backpack. Which we found:

Truthfully, it's only slightly smaller than mine. We had planned on going up the gondola. But one day I was crabby and crappy and didn't want to do it. The next day it was pouring. The next day the gondola was closed for maintenance and we were told that it would be open in the afternoon. It was not. Nor the next day. Instead we walked around:

On our last day we discovered there was a bit of a ceremony going on for this steamship. It has been running for 100 years. There were a bunch of steam tractors that blew their steam horns when the boat came into the harbour. It was a call and answer of horns. And all the other boats came along as an honour guard to usher this boat into it's next century. It was all rather emotional really. 

Clickity clack your way over to Mind the Ramp for more pretty photos!

Today I am thankful for having a lovely time, even when things don't go as planned. 


Kirstin Marie said…
Aww I really like the second picture, though these are all great pictures. I hope you are doing well!! I've missed you and your blog, and I'm sorry I haven't visited in so long. xoxo
LyddieGal said…
that is quite the backpack. I think i'd need 10 of me to carry it, haha.
Chic on the Cheap
Love it!
And that is the size of my backpack too! We left a bunch of stuff in Mexico when we went to Cuba and now we are avoiding going back to that town to pick it all up .

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