Pancake Parade

In New Zealand even mundane bus journeys are not mundane. Since we were passing by, and he needed to stretch his legs, the bus driver let us out here. Just, you know, no big deal. Don't worry that it's outstandingly gorgeous and other places you would have to pay for it!

Look how lush and dense the forest is. If you needed to run away from a dinosaur (come on, it's as likely here as anywhere) you would just be trapped by the vegetation. 

I think that these rock formations, these Pancake rocks, were formed from millions of years of erosion. I think it was fairies making a city. 

(I asked the Gentleman Caller to take some photos so that I was in one that wasn't a selfie. He took a photo of my bum and handed the camera back. What a sweetie.)

You know those days where you just cannot even believe how beautiful the world is? That day is today. 

Today I am thankful for things that take my breath away. I am lucky. 


Style Journey said…
Gorgeous! It's been fun following along on your adventures :)

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