Christchurch Wanderings

Since the Central Business District is pretty much gone, some enterprising soul thought to make a new area out of shipping containers. How cool is that? Such a great use of the space that is left, a place to rebuild the community. 

dress: City Chic
top & jacket: Ricki's
scarf: market?
leggings & boots Target

The Gentleman Caller likes to watch Epic Meal Time and we made the second attempt of a bacon weave. It turned out perfectly and deliciously. Equal amounts of perfectly crisp bacon for everyone. Goes great with pancakes! 

My lovely friend Laura let us stay at her house and took us on a tour of her city. I think that maybe she reads this blog too sometimes. Hey Laura!

Christchurch is so close to such perfect areas of natural beauty. Just incredible. 

Click on through to Mind the Ramp for more photos.

Today I am thankful for friends that I haven't seen in 5 years, to friends that live across the world and having it still be awesome!


Bella said…
Danielle, you look fantastic! I love, love the biker jacket! Your friend's house looks lovely. It's so great to continue to keep abreast of your adventures! Keep 'em coming, lady! :)

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