Sydney Harbour

As we were planning our departure from Australia we couldn't spend a year in this country and not go to the big, well-known city. Mostly we just walked around and enjoyed the sunshine (which was a pleasure after the rainy, chilly Melbourne days).

A lot of time was spent taking touristy photos of the harbour and bridge. A lot of time. 

top: Jay Jays (I think that's the name of the store?)
belt: Silpada
shorts: Ricki's

It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for walking around the harbour, through some gardens, and stopping for some Oktoberfest beer (unexpected and awesome!).

The Opera house is a pretty strange and intimidating building. It's absolutely huge when you get right up next to it. The roof is made of tiny tiles! The whole thing is so iconic. Whenever I saw it I'd have to shake my head and be all "I'm in Sydney! Australia!"

Today I'm thankful for being able to see something that is perhaps cliched and overdone, but still awesome. 


Laura Go said…
:) But you got to see it! I always feel that I shouldn't ever go to "tourist traps" since they're so cliched, but whenever I do go, I'm happy that I went for some odd reason.

Thanks for your sweet words about my new layout! :) I thought it was more "me" as well. AND oh em gee, that Ave Amerilla sounds soooo good. I tried googling it but I only saw pictures of birds or houses. But your description is much more delicious (and edible) than either. :)
♥ laura
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