Tip Toeing on a Glacier

Glaciers are cool. They are like giant ice cubes, and, you know, other things. 

On this day, on most days I really did love New Zealand. Glad someone else did too!

Waterfalls were everywhere. Magic was everywhere. 

We walked through this empty landscape with green lush mountains on either side. We walked to get a glimpse of this huge glacier that disappears a little more every year. 

Today I'm thankful for umbrellas. And also free veggie soup that the hostel makes every single day! Yummo! 

So you like pretty pictures? Do you? Huh? Ok here you go.


Marnie said…
My husband and I visited this glacier in 2009 and I am absolutely SHOCKED to see in your photos how much the glacier has receded since our visit. I even had to pull out some of my photos to compare!! When we were there, the ice went all the way to the point where the mountain meets the flats. We climbed it from that point.


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