Almost heard back

Man, do I ever love boots and NO TIGHTS!

oct 7 2013

Sadly the window for that in the wild Canadian Prairies is about 2 weeks. Kneecaps are surprisingly susceptible to frostbite. I've heard.

dress: Joe Fresh
see through top: Ricki's 
belt: Ricki's
boots: Ayla
necklace & bracelet: gifts

Today I'm thankful for autumn, even if it feels very short and it leads directly to winter. That inbetween time is the best. 


Style Journey said…
As always you pull together awesome outfits! This just reminded me about a dress I have that is very similar. I love yours paired with the brown accessories. I may have to steal this idea from you :)
Cara said…
Might steal this look :D
Shybiker said…
Don't you look cute! Great outfit; wonderful attitude. I'm going to start copying your playful poses.

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