Break Dance

Having every second Monday off is a big perk. Like big, man. It's so nice to go through the whole weekend and then have one more day.

sept 23 2013

I spent the day looking for syrups to make my lattes delish and buying canisters to make my dry goods pretty...

top: Smart Set
skirt: Target
leggings: LuLu Lemon
boots: Steve Madden
necklace: an Etsy shop that I can't remember
earrings: Art market

I'm thankful to have time to myself and do errands and things around the house. 


Style Journey said…
So lucky to have those Mondays off! Love your striped skirt and your pretty green sweater :)
Shybiker said…
I've learned that time is more valuable than money. Glad you've got an extra-day to enjoy.

Adorable outfit. Lovely skirt and fashionable boots. When OTK boots first came out, I doubted they'd catch on -- but they did and they look great on you.
Inge Jane said…
Love this! Your sweater is gorgeous and I love your skirt =)
Cara said…
I took Monday off as a sick day, and it was great. I've got laryngitis, so I'm not "sick" per se, so I got a lot of little things done, like half of my mending pile. I really miss Saskatchewan and the Earned Day Off work ethic!

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