Wooly Mammoth

Today my ex-boss told me that I always look so funky. And that it is now called a Danielleism. Tell your friends, it’s going to be huge. 

oct 9 2013

There is something in the air lately. I’ve been so wheezy at the gym, at home, at work. I sat up coughing and fighting for breath for what felt like forever last night. As any asthmatic knows, it’s a pretty scary feeling. I do take my inhalers but really don’t like the chemicals or the cost. Does anyone know of any more natural things that might help? Last night I resorted to a spoonful of honey. Sometimes that helps to calm a wheezy cough. 

dress worn as a top: H&M
skirt: Jacob
belt: Ricki's
shoes: shoe party
necklace: my Grandma Pearl's pearls

Today I'm thankful for heels low enough to walk to work in. 


Style Journey said…
You look funky, but definitely in a good way!
Shybiker said…
I like how you look like you're having fun in your pictures. Too many bloggers pose as if they were sucking on lemons. You (like me) seem to actually enjoy the process.

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