Never wanting

Today I wore these ridiculous shoes to work.  I mostly wore them to show some of the equally shoe obsessed ladies at work.

sept 25, 2013

And then they were all not in the office that day! And I have to say photocopying in stupid heels is... well, stupid.

jacket & top: Ricki's
pants: The Gap
shoes: Aldo, heels sparkled by me
necklace: gift

Today I'm thankful to work in the "stiletto branch". I've met some pretty fab people!


Shybiker said…
I've done that -- dressed up for the office only to learn the people I wanted to impress weren't there. Oh, well... In my office when I have to do boring tasks like lots of photocopying, I slip my shoes off. Of course you can't get away with it when people are around but I'll do it when I'm in a secluded area or working late at night.
Style Journey said…
At least you looked cute anyways!
Cara said…
I hate when that happens! Like the day you go to debut a new dress, and you end up going home sick etc. etc. etc.

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