Life lately

These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness.  I'm the kind of person who craves at least one night at week at home to watch movies, read, sing to myself, cuddle with a Gentleman and cook a lovely meal. Maybe next week.

So in lieu of an actual post here are some phone photos.

Every couple of weeks I try really hard to do my nails. Usually it looks like a small child was let loose but this is the best one yet. Sadly the gold, as gorgeous as it is, refuses to stay on my nails.


I had people over for my birthday. It's important to create a cozy, homey atmosphere... Candles, nice smelly oils, laughter, music, soft lighting, wine. Wins every time. 



Fall was short. It quickly turned from this:


To this:


Also, this article describes me perfectly right now. COZIES FOREVER!


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