Moments of Wonder

Sometimes there are magical moments everywhere.

oct 10 2013

You just have to look for them.

dress: H&M
leggings: LuLu Lemon

boots: shoe party

I work for the provincial government. We share a building with an art gallery which is pretty great. Even better, there is programming for children around lunch time. Today I watched 4 little boys stick their noses against the glass wall and become entranced by the elevators going up and down. They were mesmerized and delighted. Their parents, who obviously didn't know each other, stood together, overseeing their boys with pride. What a lovely reminder to seek beauty and amazement in everyday things. We really do live in a magical world. Today I'm thankful for that. 


Laura Go said…
ah yes! We sometimes get so preoccupied with everything else that we forget about the little joys!

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