One year ago

A year ago I was in the Bangkok airport, changing into long leggings and a cardigan for the first time in months. We were going home. Fifteen months is a long time to be away from family and friends. Two Christmases, two birthdays. I was ready. I wasn't ready. I was afraid to go home to the dead of winter, no job, no car, no home, no money. But it was time. This last year has flown by. I feel like I've accomplished nothing. But in reality I bought a car, found a fabulous apartment to share with my love, got three jobs, made going to the gym a regular occurrence, made new friends and reconnected with old. I look forward to the next year. I hope I can feel settled in my life and moving forward rather than just trying to catch up. I hope I can feel competant at my job, put away my clothes and keep my home clean. I hope that I'll spend more time with family and friends. I hope I'll read more. I hope I can go on a small holiday. I hope there will be laughter and kindness with every struggle. I hope these things for my friends as well.

Here's to a new year. Let's make it magic!


Shybiker said…
Nice post. You had a good year. Forgive me for being pedantic but I laughed at the irony of misspelling "competent". Best wishes for the New Year!

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