Living in the speakeasy


Traditionally NYE is a rather a let down. It has to be the best night EVAAARRR! And if it's just a good night then it's not good enough. To which I say bollocks.

This year we had a chilled out New Year's by going to my parent's house for appetizers and then to a 1920s themed Murder Mystery Party. I think we all dressed to the nines. Some even brought accents to the party. It was pretty great. The Gentleman Caller was the murdered one! What a shocker!

Today I'm thankful for creative friends and simple times. 


Style Journey said…
What a fun party to go to! You two look fabulous :)
Laura Go said…
How delightful!!! What fun to get all dressed up and play around! You guys look super swanky!
Cara said…
Ooh! Now that's a party! I love that hat, it looks amazing on you!
FutureLint said…
You both look fabulous! I was sad we didn't dress up for NYE this year but it was so cold!

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