The threads in our clothes

Two small stories.

1) In 2006 I had never owned a pencil skirt. I'd never even thought about it. But then I saw a photo of myself wearing long shorts and for a minute I thought it was a skirt. So then I tentatively bought this skirt, still afraid that my thighs were too shapely for a skirt. Turns out that I loved it! But after wearing it travelling for a few months and wearing it for a few years, I was getting bored. It was still a lovely skirt so I embroidered a blossoming tree. Now it's something special again.

jan 13, 2014

2) My mom and dad were married in 1974 when she was 19 and he was 21. They were young, goofy looking and in love. My dad wore this vest to their wedding. I decided that, even though it's not made for ladyhips I would wear it and make it mine by changing out the buttons.

cardi: hand-me-down from my mom
vest: hand-me-down from my dad
top: Joe Fresh
skirt: Next
tights: Target
shoes: Maxa Red or Dead

Today I'm thankful for things that have meaning, history. 


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