A sad story about a dress

WARNING: There are some seriously unfortunate photos today...

Ok so I received a generous gift card from eShakti.  I ordered a dress and I was hoping that it would fit like a dream and flow like... another dream. 

I ordered the dress on November 23. I was emailed a notification that the dress of dreams had been shipped and was due around December 2. So I checked my mailbox all the time. Every day. No joy. 

I emailed customer service to find out what was going on and tried the DHL tracking number that I was given. No return email and no valid tracking number.

Finally on New Years Eve I got ahold of eShakti and according to their records the dress had been languishing in my city since DECEMBER 9! WHAT!!!! Sadly no notification was left which made me pretty ragey. 
Never mind the socks. Never mind the makeup-less face. 
Never mind the helmet hair - ringette tournament

When I finally drove all the way across the city during the middle of my workday there were $115 of charges on a $25 dress. Oh Hell NO! Turns out someone, somewhere accidentally wrote that the dress was worth $300 and that it would take another 4 days to sort out.

When I picked it up there were still $25 of charges. If I wanted a $50 dress I would have bought one. Mercy. I hate when companies use DHL. They always tack on extra charges and their office is in the middle of nowhere with stupid hours. Anyway... not the point. I still thought that it would be great.

But then I tried it on. Too small in the waist. Too big above the boobalas (How? Why?). The cotton was crunchy not soft. And the white bits of the chevron are see through. UGH. I'm so so so disappointed. 

Buying online is tricky. Le sigh.

EDIT: January 27, 2014: Today I got an email from eShakti refunding the money that I spent on the dress. I didn't bother to link the to this post in Twitter or mentioned anything after my first angry email. I guess they read this blog. So thanks, eShakti, for taking responsibility for your items. I really, really appreciate that. I still really wish you wouldn't use DHL though... 


Shybiker said…
That's sad. I'm sorry.

You're right: buying sight-unseen is always risky. I have low expectations for online purchases; I'm actually surprised when they work out well.
I hate all the duty and import charges that can accumulate. Joren recently ordered something online and was grumbling about the extra charges and I had to remind her that most cases the charges are in fact taxes that are rightfully supposed to be charged. It would be no different than grumbling about the GST. I thought about it a bit more and I realized that it is pretty ridiculous though. It seems so out of place that private companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. all collect these fees automatically, but the Crown Corp of Canada Post lets it slide so often! Shouldn't Canada Post be the one most insistent that duty is paid??
Danielle Tocker said…
I also had the worst experience with DHL recently. A Cyber Monday sale at Anthro and $115 duty. No thank you-sent that order back. Sad day!

Cara said…
DHL and eShakti are a lethal combination in my books. They are both so hit and miss.
Laura Go said…
oh no, i am so sorry that that happened to you :( I've ordered a few times from eShakti and didn't experience any mess. It sucks though! I wish online shopping was easier!
FutureLint said…
Oh no! That stinks! My friend Tammy lives in Canada and always had nightmare stories about mailing and receiving packages. DHL sucks here in America too - they once told me my address doesn't exist, which is clearly does!

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