Take me over

My apartment building was built in 1928. Thus, my closets are pretty small. I've completely filled the bedroom closet and am slowly taking over the Gentleman Caller's closet with scarves and shoes. And the hall closet with blazers. And, uh, more shoes.

jan 2014

Everything is packed so tightly into the closet that I can't really see what I have and get inspiration of what to put together. At times like these I turn to Polyvore to play paper dolls.
jacket: Suzy Shier outlet
dress: Betty Page
belt: H&M
tights: ?
shoes: Fly London

If I have an backlog of outfits planned then I can sleep later. Clever.

Today I'm thankful for technology. I mean, robots are obviously going to rise up and take over but, for now? I'm grateful for the time that we are living in.


Cara said…
1960s does have bigger closets, but not as bit as 1970s (every apartment I've lived in) or 1990s (which I grew up with), so I'm feeling the crunch too.

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