What the heck is a snow day?

On principle I do not agree with the snooze button. If I wanted to sleep an extra 10 minutes why don't I just do that?   

But in winter? When it's -bajillion (or just -36C or -32F)? When it's dark dark dark? When the wind whistles against the living room window, through the towel I have rolled up against it? When the radiators creak but don't produce quite enough heat? When there is frost on both the inside and the outside of the car?

On those days (which is everyday) I can't help but snuggle under the covers for just a few minutes longer and contemplate how I could possibly work from home, from bed.

This winter is bringing me down...


And also, what is a snow day? I hear talk of them of instagram and other blogs but I've never, not once had one. That might be nice so spend an unexpected day with my love and a cup of tea and a giant fluffy blanket.

Today I'm thankful for power and heat. With storms and accidents there has been many people this winter who have been without both on bitterly cold weeks.


Megan Gann said…
A snow day in the south is when the weather dips below freezing, there's a threat of "snow" (which usually means half frozen sleet), and everyone proceeds to freak out, drive like maniacs, wipe out the grocery stores, schools get called off and everyone stays home and stares out their windows complaining that its cold.

And we all sigh a big bunch of relief that we don't have to go out that day.

I'm pretty certain if I was in -32F weather, I would fall into hibernation and be unable to function.
Cara said…
Is that the path to the Owl? Even if it's not, oh, such warm fond memories!
We need warm fond memories to survive this prairie winter, don't we?
geetabix said…
We had snow days when I lived in Ontario ... maybe once every two or three years. What a treat to stay home and drink hot chocolate! This is winter #10 for me in Edmonton and nothing has ever been cancelled for snow or cold.

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