Juicing for Life!

For Christmas I got a juicer. I know, how fabulous!
I'm super super excited about it.

Spinach, carrot, orange, lemon apple!

And it just whirls about and extracts juicy goodness. I've been freezing the pulp and popping it into soups and chilli. Extra fiber and no waste!

This Christmas season was good to me!

I drank my delicious juice with fake eggs benedict (just toasted bread, spinach and a poached egg) and I tried to make pulp pancakes but really? The texture was terrifying. 

Today I made orange, carrot, ginger, rum popsicles... I know the rum probably takes away the health effects but still, AWESOME!


Laura Go said…
yummy yum yum! I haven't done ginger in my juices yet but I should! and will!
Cara said…
I am jealous! I want carrot juice right now! (And a spinach salad... goat cheese... a raspberry vinegrette -- have you every noticed one healthy craving begets another?)

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