Monday, October 17, 2011

Beijing Skies

As I've mentioned before I'm not a light traveler. I try to pack everything that I might ever need into a backpack and then sling that onto my shoulder. We arrived in the Beijing airport with 9 hours to wait for our next flight. Sadly, even though our bags were checked all the way through, we had to pick them up and couldn't check them again until 3 hours prior to our flight. That meant many hours of dragging them around the most enormous airport of all time.
oct 5 2011
We decided to go outside the airport to see what we could see of Beijing. The answer is absolutely nothing at all. It was so smoggy. The air smelled like it was burning. It was so different from our wide prairie skies.
dress: Joe Fresh
leggings: Dynamite
shoes: Teva

Today I'm thankful for safe travels. And also travelling with someone else. It's much nicer to cuddle tp to someone in those tiny planes. 

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Brina said...

This is apparently the first time I'm paying attention this week. New hair so cute!! Very flattering.