Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We arrived in Melbourne so so so happy to finally be here. When I lived in England ages ago, I traveled with an Australian girl. She and her boyfriend picked us up from the airport and have opened their home. They fed us an amazing breakfast and took us for a walk around the Botanical Gardens.

oct 8 2011
Melbourne is lovely but colder than we thought it would be. I understand that it is still spring here and that soon I’ll be too hot for words. There isn’t any central heating in the houses. It’s chilly enough in the evening to definitely need it. The Australians keep bugging me that since I’m Canadian I should be used to the cold and it shouldn’t bother me. I think that just because you live in cold doesn’t meant that you have to be cold all the time. I like being cozy. I’m making good use of blankets and space heaters.

Dress & cardigan: Ricki's
leggings: Target
shoes: Teva
glasses: Prada

Today I am thankful for hot showers after a 47 hour journey... Best thing ever!



laura said...

I hear you on the "living in the cold, used to being cold" thing there, Danielle. I used to live in Alaska, and so when I moved to IL people were like, "why are you complaining about the cold? You're used to it!" And yes, I love being cold, but uh... I like being cosy even more!
♥ laura
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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute picture of the two of you! Hope you have a wonderful time ;)

Cara said...

Still in dresses while traveling? Very proud! I am fairly certain I won't be that brave for my less adventurous Toronto trip next weekend! Comfort over fashion all the way for me!

Chelsea said...

cold weather sucks! especially when you're expecting warmth. good news is, as you already mentioned, you're heading into the hot as balls time now... so this is only temporary :)

also, you and the GC are too freaking adorable together. awwwwwwww....

so glad you made it! xoxo

minigrrl said...

Ha! I grew up in Winnipeg but live in Brisbane now. Honestly the first winter I lived here was the coldest of my life (and I lived in the UK for 8 damp chilly years before moving here). The temperature may never fall below 6 in the winter, but when 6 outside, means 6 inside, it's bloody cold. I bought my very first electric blanket that year!

And the Australians will NEVER tire of saying that thing about you being Canadian, how can you be cold. They don't understand the whole lovely, warm, double-glazed, centrally heated house thing.

And come up to Brisbane if you need some heat - it's lovely here now. :-)