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Today is my birthday (well it is at least here in Australia. Apparently I don't actually turn a year older until 7:48pm tonight. Time zones are weird). My 30th birthday. While I’m very very grateful for what I’ve done and who I’ve become it’s also not where I thought I’d be at 30. But then again, all through my life I’ve never been where I thought I would. 

At 12 I thought that 16 would be the perfect age because I’d be older and mature and have a handsome, football playing boyfriend (Damn you Sweet Valley High!).  At 16 I thought that 21 was going to be the best because I’d be in university and popular and clever, and that turned out to be a terrible year. 30 though? I guess I always thought that I’d have it all figured out. That I would be married with children and a house on a hill.

 But the more I think about those things and the person that I am, the more I know that those don’t fit me right now, and maybe not ever. And maybe that’s ok. Maybe growing up isn’t as prescribed as it used to be where people just didn’t things because they should and because it was the next step. Maybe now it’s ok to really look at your life individually and know that everyone has different wants and needs at different times. Just because I’m not doing what my friends are or what my parents did doesn’t mean that either path is more or less valid. Maybe getting older is just learning how to be brave inside you own skin? If that’s the case then I gratefully wish myself Happy Birthday. 


Style Journey said…
Happy birthday!! My 30s have been the best by far. Have a great time celebrating! Heather
Chelsea said…
Happy birthday, beautiful! I love your musings on turning 30, as I'm also approaching that age and sometimes wonder what it all means that I'm single with no kids and still don't know what to do with my life and blah blah blah. Nice to take a moment, look at my life, and ENJOY where I am and what I have. It's the right time right now to do what we're doing... and that's it :) Ahhhh... now if only this immense wisdom came with a cash bonus ;)

BTW I just saw your traveling blog! So exciting!
Jolene said…
Happy Birthday!

30 seems so long ago for me now, yet I remember a time when I thought 30 was so old LOL. Now as 40 is only a few years away for me I go between thinking "Wow, am I really so old?" and "Geez, 40 isn't that old if I'm so close to it". I have the husband and kids I expected I would, but I've had those since my very early 20's LOL. Finances are probably the only thing not where I had hoped to be at this point in my life, but it's better than it ever was so I'm grateful for at least that.

Not everyone is going to be the same, I can't imagine life without being married and having kids....but things could have been so much different had I not met my husband at a young age like I did.

Of course it's ok to look at your life individually...people are different and the smallest things can make our lives take one direction over another and all you have to do is be happy and make the best of what life gives you.
laura said…
Danielle, I wish you all the love and hugs in the world! Happy birthday, dear!
♥ laura

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geetabix said…
Happy birthday! It sounds like you're in an amazing place in life.
geetabix said…
Happy birthday! It sounds like you're in an amazing place in life.
couldnt agree more. 16, 21, 30 - the biggest birthdays of our "adult" lives, and with each milestone we assume we'll have it all figured out. so far from the truth! im turning 30 next year and yup...not married, rich or have the perfect house. doesnt mean i dont love what ive got going on right now.

you are embarking on such a big, fun new adventure - 30 and beyond is going to be wonderful for you!!!!

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