Sunday, October 2, 2011


I spent Thursday and Friday of last week packing up my life and cleaning my apartment. I never would have thought that I had so much stuff in such a tiny space. I honestly thought that I'd get through the whole thing in a few hours. Not so at all. I was worried about getting my damage deposit back just because I'd heard about so many people who didn't get theirs. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, I scoured the tub, I tracked down every single dust particle in that apartment. The caretaker came in opened all the drawers and cupboards and checked to see that the window blinds worked and then wrote me a cheque. Seriously? All that work and he didn't take a white glove to the baseboards? Oh well. I worked hard and I guess that feels good.

oct 1 2011

The Gentleman Caller brought a big truck and my family helped me move out all my stuff. Right now I'm back at my parent's place. It's strange and wonderful to know that no matter what happens there is a place that I can always come back to.

Saturday was our going away party. We had a private room at a local pool hall/bar. It worked out really well and it was so nice to see all our friends from different areas of life. And my family showed up as well!
blazer: Ricki's
tank & belt: H&M
skirt: Sam's from vintage store
leggings: Target
shoes: Teva
necklace: art fair

Today I'm thankful for having all the big things like finishing work and packing up my apartment finished. I'm also so thankful for all the people who came out to the party. It was so lovely to see people out of their context and all having a good time. And I was worried that no one would show up... silly Danielley... 



Chelsie said...

I know I'm a bit of a lurker, but I thought I'd let you know - I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR TRAVELING ADVENTURES!!! Good luck!

Style Journey said...

This is a new chapter in your life! How exciting! Have fun on your travels :)

danielletocker said...

I'll miss you Danielley!

Kinsey said...

It takes an amazing amount of time to pack, doesn't it? I love your outfit, it is perfect for a going away party.

laura said...

You look darling, Danielle! And it sounds like you're all ready and prepped to go! huzzah!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Cara said...

Not ending, beginning!

Do you know whether you'll be keeping up with the blog while traveling? Or will you start a travel blog!

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Oh my goodness. This look is adorable. The skirt is SO fun! I find both excitement and anxiety when it comes to moving, but ultimately change is good. Change opens one up to new opportunities! You are gorgeous and I love your spunky photos. I found you through a Working Mom's Closet and BBCAwearness.