How to release the goodness of pomegranate!

Once upon a time I was travelling in Greece. I didn't have a lot of money but I did have a lot of time to wait for a ferry to take us to another island. My friend and I gathered together some coins and bought a couple of pomegranates. We didn't know how to open them up efficiently and we had loads of time to kill. We spent at least 2 hours slowly digging juicy seeds out. It was fun but ridiculous!

I've since discovered a much better and cleaner way to do it:
You'll need a pomegranate and a knife. Obviously. 

Cut the top off

Score the pomegranate into sections

Place into a bowl of water and break apart under the water

Gentle run the pomegranate underwater until all the seeds are loose

Pour out the water catching the seeds in a strainer

Enjoy your pomegranate stress free! Yum!


Style Journey said…
This is so cool! I never buy pomegranates because I don't know how to cut them or get rid of the seeds!
laura said…
I love poms! This brings back memories because the first food my husband and I shared was a pomegranate! I had to teach him to eat it!
♥ laura

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Vanessa said…
I've never had a fresh pomegranite. It looks awefully time consuming but still delicious.

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