Bring it on boots

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you should because, heck, why not?) then you may have seen a photo of these shoes.

apr 15 2013

I went into the shop just to look. And then two adorable puppies ran up to me and gave me all the puppy cuddles. Then I saw these boots.  Then I got confused and gave them all my money.

blazer: Made in Vietnam
top: Smart Set
jeans: Gap
boots: Bed-Stu

I know. The photos are fuzzy. I don't know why. This was the second attempt but I thought the boots were too awesome to hide away...

Today I'm thankful for the soothing (and budget confusing) power of puppies. I can't wait until the Gentleman Caller and I have our own place and are in a position that we could have a dog... It's YEARS down the road but still... 


Cara said…
Isn't it great that it's at least in the plans even if it's years away? Until then at least you know where you can et your dog fix.... And shoe fix!
Megan Gann said…
YAY! Pink boots. They're so awesome. I'm going on year 5 soon minus a cat in my life and I am SO SAD, but getting to visit the cats at my mom's makes the day seem much closer. Here's to future fluffyheads!

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