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The best thing about short weeks are that they are short...


mar 28 2013

But that last afternoon? That's the greatest. The weekend is coming closer by the minute! I ran directly from work to Zumba to relaxing to Trivia.

top: Joe Fresh
dress: Ricki's
belt: Cambodia
tights: We Love Colours
boots: Steve Madden
bandaid: c/o blood test

Right before these photos were taken I went to get a blood test to hopefully help me to stop littering the floor with my hair... 

Today I'm thankful for colour to brighten dark days...


Cara said…
Ew, blood tests. They make me squeamish! I hope that only good news comes out of yours!
Laura Go said…
blood tests! :( That sounds icky!!! But you look un-icky! And I LOVE the new fringe!

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