From a Tuesday point of view

This broach was my grandmother's. I think it's so pretty and a bit strange. Just the kind of thing I dig...

april 16 2013

I have also discovered that I have a terrible memory. If I don't write a little blurb that day, I have no idea what happened. I imagine that I went to the gym and made pad thai... that seems like a Tuesday sort of thing.

dress: H&M
leggings: Cotton On
modesty skirt: Cotton On
boots: Steve Madden
broach: Gma

Today I am thankful for good tunes to groove to whilst taking photos.


Anonymous said…
Lady, you look fantastic! I am loving the all black ensemble! Are you still in Australia?
Cara said…
Can I just say you are looking fabulous -- head to toe? I think the travels did you good -- you look younger and happier! (Not that you looked old and sad when you left... ugh, is this a foot in the mouth situation? I better end this comment stat!)

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