For the last month or so I've been involved in a few big projects at work.
apr 17 2013

They are all finished now and it's back to work as normal. It's almost too relaxing not to have pressing deadlines...

scarf: gift
blazer: Ricki's
dress: Noa Noa
tights: ?
shoes: Nine West, sparklated by me

Today I'm thankful for today... 


Cara said…
Someone once asked me "what do you do all day?" and I said: "I manage crises" and they asked: "and when everything is going smoothly?" And I gave them a weird look and said: "I will have to retire when that happens!"
Of course, a week later, life slowed down for a few days and I remembered what I do between crises, and of course, I loved the relaxed pace, but missed the chaos of it all. I love a good deadline!
Hope you're enjoying the work on both sides of the deadline!

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