Shoulder length or longer

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and couldn't handle what I looked like. My head wasn't my own so I took the only action I have control over.

Today I cut my hair. Because it was time. And because the amount of long hairs that were falling out and covering the floor were astronomical and terrifying.

I sat in the chair and started to tell my stylist why I was there. And then I burst into tears. I had a lot of hair so it's difficult to explain how hard it is to lose half of it, especially when that's all that many people start out with.  But I've always identified myself with my hair... and now it's not the same and there is less and less of it everyday.

The cut isn't dramatic just like the hair loss isn't dramatic to anyone who isn't me. But it makes me feel better about this body that isn't behaving in a way that I appreciate.  And so, for today, that's enough.


Style Journey said…
I think your hair looks fabulous!!! Any kind of change whether you want it to or not, can be a good thing and a fresh start :) I love the bangs! Heather
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous! I didn't cry when I had my stylist cut all my hair off - I'd done all of that at home, night after night. It's amazingly freeing (I'll still plug for the pixie cut. As soon as the hair was gone I stopped caring how much fell out. Growing it out now is a bitch, but it saved my sanity back then) and you need that. Good for you.

The fact that you look stunning is just a bonus ;)
danielletocker said…
You always look beautiful, Danielle! Love the new do!
FutureLint said…
So, so cute! I've always wanted bangs but know I would never be able to deal with having to flat iron mine every day! Hugs!
Cara said…
I think it's beautiful, but I can commiserate with the loss of hair!
Megan Mae said…
Aww! Hair is totally a personal thing. It's weird how sometimes I'd cry after getting a trim, but shaving the sides of my head? And the resulting super short do? I've never been happier with myself.

I hope you are pleased with the end result because your new cut looks great. Your hair is really shiny, the bangs are adorable.

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