The time machine

I know how to go back in time. It's easy. Just sell or put into storage everything you have, leave the country for many moons and come back with $0. Follow these simple steps and you too can feel like you're 16 again!

I've been living at home with my parents without a vehicle. This means that I often have to ask to borrow the car or get a ride. Poof! 16, like magic!

Today, though, all that is a thing of the past. Today I bought my freedom (and a car) !!!

His name is The Dusty Detective!

I bought him from a mechanic that works for the city police and bought the car off them. Which means that it's only been used for detectives to ride around in solving crimes. I'm like 1 degree of separation away from Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars!


This is also a good example of putting what you want out in the world. Only last week I mentioned to my uncle, the car genius, that I was really getting ready to buy a car. And then he found this one in great shape and for a reasonable price. Next up, universe, I'd like to have slightly less of a sugar belly and, more importantly, a lovely apartment for the Gentleman Caller and I. Ok? GO!


FutureLint said…
Ha! Yay! Congrats on regaining your freedom to get around as you please! And that is awesome about it being a detective car!
Cara said…
Woohoo!! I hated being in my twenties and needing to ask my parents for a car. We were so close to me being in my 30s and having to ask our parents for a car when ours died earlier. Does it still count as asking your parents for a car, if they were the ones giving you the loan? Oh well.
Good luck with the apartment hunt! We know a couple in Regina who are looking and finding very little. As much as Boardwalk is the evil corporate option, I was reasonably satisfied with them while we were there.
Megan said…
Now you need a dog named Backup!
Megan Gann said…
OMG what a cool deal on the car. Congrats!! It's got a cool story to it.

I need the universe to give me a job within the next month plz. Preferably a couple states away.

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