Saturday Show & Tell

Hey friends!
This week was rough. I spent the entire time at work listening to an 8 hour tape and transcribing it. Such exhausting work. So that was about it.

I also went on an unexpected adventure when I turned the wrong way and headed out of the city in freezing rain. I ended up by the garbage dump, the jail and on the far side of a small town. Then on my way back to the city I saw a semi truck in the ditch and a SUV with it's nose stuck into a pile of snow and sticking out of the snow at a 45 degree angle. I slooooowwwed down after seeing that.

Here are just a few links...

This little girls knows what's up about marriage.

Where to go to celebrate festivals around the world!

Super gorgeous photos from the department of the interior.

Silly drawings on photos of the sky.

I tell you what, I LOVE penguins.

Sriracha is my absolute favourite sauce. Sriracha butter shrimp, yes please!

If you want to be awesomely berated into eating better, check out Thug Kitchen

Anything awesome in you life?


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