Lots o'dots

Happy Monday!
I hope your Easter weekend was just lovely. Mine involved the gym, coffee, the family and lots of delicious food.

mar 26 2013

I wore this on last Tuesday. And then forgot my boots at work.

dress: Ricki's
cardi: Ricki's
tights: Ricki's
boots: Ayla
shoes: Hush Puppies

Today I'm thankful that last week was a very short week for me. That means that I must have lots of energy for this long week? Right? Isn't that how this works?


Style Journey said…
Hopefully you didn't have to walk too far without your boots! Loving the tights with your dress.
Cara said…
Ok, so I spent the weekend looking for quality comfortable shoes and then worrying that they wouldn't be stylish. Glad to see a stylish girl like you wear Hush Puppies!

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