And then there were none

I was all excited to get to see my car. Since there's no obvious latch inside the car I didn't think that they would have got into the trunk. I had hope that my ringette equipment was still there. Dad took me out to the middle of nowhere to the claims lot. It was still in the garage so it was easy to find. The car looked like someone had driven it through a field and into a mud puddle. Oh it just looked awful. I've only ever seen it look like an 85 year old man had driven it, pretty much because that has been the case save for the last 3 months. I opened the door and a waft of smoke drifted out. There were dusty fingerprints and muddy footprints everywhere! It looks like that had a great time in there. Of course they took my parking meter change, my trench coat, and my ipod FM adapter. I opened the trunk... nothing was there. Just an old time and sadness. That means that I've now missed 2 ringette games and will have to buy all new equipment. And break in new skates. So disappointing.

nov 5 2010

top: Joe Fresh
dress: Ricki's
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope, Calgary
necklace: market in Madrid

We went to karaoke last night for a birthday party. It was dodgy and funny! 


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