Walk away

I've been locked in a struggle with my radiator. I'm trying to hold out to the last moment to turn it on, not really to save energy just to have the satisfaction that winter is not yet here. Inevitably though, the radiator wins. Because he hates the cold less than I do. Sneaky.
nov 17 2010

I don't know what is going on. I used to be such a good sleeper. Last night I think that I slept for 2 hours. And then I couldn't sleep any longer. Today was long, cold and strange. Best to cuddle up and watch Lost.
glasses: ? I'm unable to find any markings on them
necklace: made by me
wool dress: H&M
underdress: (wool is itchy!) from a NoaNoa dress
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Untold from Krisatomic's ebay


Vanessa said…
Those yellow tights are amazing. I love how they punch up the gray dress with a jolt and bolt of color. Coolness! Thanks for stopping by my site!
Amara said…
Those tights have magical powers to brighten up the coldest of days.

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