Media Darling Pt 2

Today I feel like I was racing around like a mad woman. I'm semi in charge of the Christmas Hamper fundraising for our refugee clients. Many of them have been in refugee camps for years, separated from family, not allowed to go back to their homeland. And on top of all of that they're experiencing their very first winter. And may I just remind everyone that it is -21 tonight (that's -5.8F according to google). So we and some of the very generous individuals and companies in Regina are trying to help make this a happy, safe and warm holiday. The public library donated a book for each child so that the families can learn to read English together. I had to walk over there and elegantly balance the  box of books whilst walking on nearly frozen pins. I layered up sufficiently on top but somehow forgot to have anything but very thin tights on my legs. Mistake. I did, however, manage to get some boots that are both warm and not hideously ugly. Plus I feel like I could fight baddies in them. (I totally could!)
nov 22 2010

Then, as I'm still without a vehicle, my ever-loving daddio came to take me to the local cable TV station where I got to talk about the Hampers and why it was important for people to give. It airs tomorrow so I really hope that I don't sound like a fool.
dress: Suzy Shier
tights: Ricki's
boots: Spring

Then I had to get a cab to the best part of the day: NEW HAIR!
Man, I just love the way it smells. And how soft it is. And how it just moves with a life of it's own in happiness... Also IT'S PINK. Partly.

Now I'm finally home and enjoying a glass of wine and catching up on Lost Season 5 (shhh don't tell me!)

Also this weekend the Gentleman Caller and I made delicious Indian food and giggled a lot. Then he burnt his back really badly on my scorching hot radiator. So that was less fun. Except that he claims that it doesn't hurt. I may be dating an android.


Louise said…
Love the boots, love the streak of pinky red in your hair! You are darling!

Lost is awesome-- I won't tell you anything, except that Desmond is the best.
DaniellaBella said…
I will just say this about that: Le Swoon on Desmond and his dreamy accent!

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