I will do most anything

People are friendly and helpful. On the walk home from work no less than 3 people stopped me to point out that my shoelace was untied. Unfortunately it was too cold to stop and tie it up. I kicked my legs out in Funny Walk style in order not to trip.
nov 24 2010

Today I got together with my lovely friend who is very talented. She's going to take pictures for my upcoming Etsy shop and help me with it! Hurrah! I've been putting off actually doing it because the photos I took were cold and harsh.
black warm long underwear: ? I just wanna be warm
black detailed tank top, cardi & skirt: Ricki's
awesome superhero utility belt: vendor at Folk Fest
leggings: Dynamite
boots: Spring

Then we all went to Combat Improv to watch my cousin and a bunch of funny people do Improv for a couple of hours. Isn't it just delightful to laugh a lot??


TJ Letkeman said…
Under my penis please!
DaniellaBella said…
That was soooo funny!

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