A guide to getting dressed in 4 steps

Step 1:
Plan an outfit. Cute!
almost nov 19 2010

Step 2:
Check weather

Please note that it feels like -32C with the windchill...

Step 3:
Curse my ancestors for leaving the Old Country for this godforsaken tundra
nov 19 2010

Step 4:
Reevaluate my life, choices, reasons for getting out of bed. Face facts and layer up.
hat: someone left it in the pub I worked in in England
scarf: University bookstore
wooly sweater & dress: Smart Set
yoga pants: LuLu Lemon (only worn for the walk to work for the coziness factor)
leggings: Dynamite
boots: Transit? many many years ago


Anonymous said…
Hilarious! I'm in the tundra, also, and I often wonder why anyone ever ended up here. It had to be June when they all got here, built their brick houses, and 4-5 months later it was like get me out of here but it was too late...
DaniellaBella said…
I totally agree! Every year I say that I'm going to go live in Spain...
Today, walking to work, my eyelashes froze together. Awesome.
Vanessa said…
Ha! I totally know what you're going through! The weather in Michigan (where I live) is always changing every 5 minutes. today, I was prepared for it to be chilly and it turned out quite balmy. So unpredictable..., like, well... the weather!
I do like the look that you ended up wearing, however! You look warm and stylish, and I especially like your lost-and-found hat!

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