This is Halloween!

For work I decided to go for cheap and easy. I did Alice in Wonderland last year and I didn't have to buy anything for the costume.
There was meant to be a halloween participation thing at work but no one even came around to check if we were dressed up!

oct 29 2010

headband: Ardene
shirt: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
tights: ??
shoes: Spring? Transit? anyway it was a  long time ago around the time they changed their name!
apron: bit of fabric I had lying around

For Saturday night I was a Ringmaster of a Circus.
oct 30 2010

We decided to go on a pub crawl. I'd never been on one in Regina and I was excited! I wanted to dance and hang out and mostly see awesome costumes. So we got to the first bar and had to wait in line for 20 minutes. We were assured that once we registered there would be no waiting in line. Since it took forever to get in we were only there for less than half an hour and then we were piled on the bus. At the next bar we were dropped off and had to wait in line outside for only 10 minutes. Now remember this is Canada at the end of October. It was really cold!!! After about an hour they rushed us out of the bar to the bus. However the bus wouldn't let us in as apparently it wasn't our bus. So we waited until another pulled up and piled on to this one. At the final bar they dropped us in the parking lot and took off. The bar wouldn't open the doors to let us in. Maybe they were over capacity but that's why we paid $20, so that they knew how many people would be showing up at what time. There were no bouncers or any representatives from the pub crawl there. People were cold and impatient so they kept pushing the whole crowd into a wall. It was cold, squishy and actually quite scary. If it hadn't been for the gentleman holding back the crowd with his muscles I would have been worried that I could have been trampled. After 45 minutes of this nonsense we squeezed ourselves out (which was like an equally horrifying birthing experience) and walked back to my place. Then to redeem the night we went for dinner and were home by 11:30. I maintain that this is not because we are old but rather because the pub crawl was very poorly organized. I've been looking for an email address so I can let them know but, alas, they are sneaky and don't seem to have one.
Ringmaster & Andrew W.K. (he really likes to party)

top hat: La Vie en Rose
bow tie: from a childhood dance costume
vest: Ricki's
skirt: Ricki's
gloves, whip, fishnets: Spirit Halloween Store
boots: Ayla


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