Let's just get cozy

Being sick really takes away my motivation for anything. I just want to cuddle up, nap, drink tea and dream of warmer climes.
nov 25 2010

This outfit is nothing special. I didn't feel good in it. I'm not sure why I wore it at all. I guess it was born out of extreme tiredness and not wanting to be cold. I planned on wearing the fancy heels all day at work. That didn't go to plan as it was Flu Shot day so I spent most of the morning escorting young families to stand in line. I towered over them in stocking feet so I didn't want to be even more ridiculously tall. Plus, shockingly enough, the shoes aren't good for to-ing and fro-ing.
glasses: Prada
bow necklace: Paraphernalia 
top: Joe Fresh
grey pants: Ricki's years ago
boots: Spring
shoes, similar to above: Bleka from The Bay

On Friday I celebrated 2 years working at Regina Open Door. I've had 4 job titles in that time. I feel so grateful for all the people that I've worked with and clients that I've met. I am blessed.
I am also still not feeling well and thus going to bed. Yet again. Honestly.


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