Wait... wasn't that popstar born yesterday?

I don't have TV. I don't read newspapers. I listen to the news on the radio. I don't know much about new things. Such as Willow Smith. What? Isn't she like a baby? Turns out, pretty much. Dude, she's 10. Does anyone else think that this is weird? Sure she sounds pretty good and look at those mad dance skillz but really? What were you doing at 10? I was playing with my Barbies and coming up with elaborate mysteries for them to solve. I was perfecting cartwheels and making earrings out of seeds. Who doesn't want to be a rock star? But childhood is so short and at the age of 10 I wouldn't be encouraging a little girl to fling her partially shaved head about and jiggle about on stage. She's a child. I wonder and worry about girls today. It's rough anyway but if this is what you're seeing other 10 year olds do then baking cookies with your mom suddenly isn't as exciting. I hope that she actually gets a childhood and doesn't look back to regret rushing forward too soon. It hurts my heart a bit.


Louise said…
I completely agree. I want to make sure my daughter stays young as long as possible... in a healthy way, of course. Kids lose their innocence so fast!
DaniellaBella said…
I know... I just want to hide my younger cousins away from the adult world and keep them safe!

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