Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hobo Chic

Today is the worst. I have a terrible headache and sore neck brought on by the stress of the Case of the Missing Car. Consequently, I look like a hobo and feel like an old shoe.
I'm going to bed...

nov 3 2010

glasses: Prada
black dress: Noa Noa, from another dress
dress: crazy dress from an anonymous shop in Dublin, Ireland
socks: from the Easter Bunny in my Easter Basket?
Boots: Cheap, from 2003



Louise said...

"I look like a hobo and feel like an old shoe."

I'm sorry that you are feeling so low, but that was hilarious and I may have to steal it. I hope you feel better! Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet blog comments- they made my day.

DaniellaBella said...

Glad you enjoyed it! It's the only thing that I could think of that summed up my day perfectly!