2011: Autumn


* After 2 and a half years of being blonde and a year of having a gorgeous pink streak I dyed my hair back to brown. It was a welcome change but there are definitely days when I miss my carefree blondy-ness and I always miss the pink!

* I finished up at a job that I was good at, respected at and that I liked very much. I said goodbye to some of the best co-workers in the history of ever.

* I cleaned out my wonderful mini-apartment that I loved, that brought me so much joy and peace and moved everything that I own into my parents garage. 

* The Gentleman Caller and I had a farewell party and our family, friends and coworkers came. It was pretty amazing to have so many important people in the same room.

* The Gentleman Caller and I embarked on a 47 hour journey through Edmonton, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, and finally to Melbourne, Australia. 

* I celebrated my 30th birthday by having a lovely day out in Melbourne and then going to a prestigious, incredibly wonderful, amazing dinner at Movida

* I got to see my very first koala in real life. I still have such a hard time understanding that they are actual wild animals and are not just found in zoos. 

* We went to the Melbourne Cup race day. We got all dressed up with fancy items on our heads. We drank champagne and ate quiche. And we bet money on horse racing. And sometimes won!

* I saw penguins! And they are the cutest thing!!

* We had a mini-break at Phillip Island. We saw beautiful beaches, amazing rock formations, and fairy penguins. We walked for many many many km and ate delicious eggs benedict. 

* We were invited to a Bollywood party

* We went to Meredith Music Festival and saw a bunch of bands I didn't know. It was the first time I'd been camping in years. 

All in all it was a good year. It was sometimes a struggle as life generally is but the important thing to remember is that every experience is one I am lucky to have and helps me to build my character and dreams for the future.

Here's hoping that 2012 will bring beauty, love, and enjoyment. Here's hoping that we can find a job and a place to live. And that there is magic in every moment... 


Style Journey said…
Best wishes to you and your man finding jobs and a place to live. It's nice to reflect on the things we have and have already experienced, not what we don't have.
FutureLint said…
Wow! What an exciting eventful year you've had! All I've done is work! I'm jealous!
Jayme and Mendi said…
We just came across your blog & are now following. :) We've enjoyed reading up on your adventures & we look forward to more! Best of luck in getting settled!!

Visit our blog sometime & follow back if you'd like to keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Bella said…
Best post ever, lady! I loved your many accomplishments! I think many of us are envious of your new adventurous style of living. Personally, I've decided to live vicariously through you! And I love the brunette look. It brings out the lovely color of your eyes! Clich├ęd as that sounds, it's absolutely true! Best wishes for 2012! :)

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