Apparently in Australia there is a number of BIG things. We have some in Canada too (a big moose, a big Ukrainian Easter egg). On Phillip Island we saw a big wave. On the way to Adelaide we saw the big lobster. It was pretty impressive if you're in to those kinds of things. And, oh, I am. 

We had to run away while the Gentleman Caller bravely fought the baddie Lobster!

This little piggie had his choice of delights in the Rundle St Mall in Adelaide. 

On Christmas Eve we wandered around downtown Adelaide, looking for something to eat, something to do or just the sight of another person. Turns out that the CBD is pretty much just for daytime business. There were a few strip clubs open and a few dance bars but that's not what either of us wanted to do on Christmas Eve. We found a lovely little Indian restaurant and had a delicious meal. We also found a VW Beetle that had been turned into a planter. 

The other thing about Adelaide at Christmas was that it was HOT. Hot like I've never experienced. You know when you're baking something at a high temperature and you open the oven to check on it. There is that gush of hot air that nearly melts your mascara? That's what it was like opening the door of any non-airconditioned place. Even at night it was still close to 30 degrees...  Mercy. 

Today I am thankful for air-conditioning, overhead fans, cold drinks, ice, and the combination of all of those things!


Cara said…
I love the giant sculptures! My parents thought it was important we explore Canada, rather than going to the traditional family holiday attractions (like DisneyWorld), and insisted on driving, so we could actually see the country, not just the attractions. Every road trip, we would stop at the giant statues to take pictures. I think they're ridiculous but so much fun!
FutureLint said…
I'm a huge fan of roadside attractions and weird sculptures! I LOVE that photo of the lobster attack!
Laura Go said…
WHOA-- that lobster is HUGE! and I love that litter piggie!
♥ laura
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