Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm behind on thinking about New Year's resolutions. I'm about 19 or 20 days behind (depending, of course, on when Blogger publishes this. My computer time is set to Melbourne time but I think that Blogger is on some other time... very confusing and sometimes surprising). I don't really mind being behind because really isn't every day a fresh start to try again where we fell behind earlier?

Last year I was really trying to live with a few words in my head. I was given these words by a friend who was looking into my numerology. She said that I would have a lovely life but especially if I could learn about Perseverance, Patience, and Forgiveness. These are concepts I'm still trying to work on. I want to have a fabulous life, full of energy and celebration. But much of the time I am passive and tired. I need to remember that things are on their way but sometimes I have to wait. That if things don't come as easily as they have in the past I have to keep trying in a different way. I have to remember that without forgiveness of people, situations and myself I have the potential to get stuck and never move forward. 

This year I want to add the word Enjoy. I want to live In Joy. These past few months have been an enormous struggle. More than I ever thought they would be. You see, for the most part I have been very, very blessed. Things tend to come along when I need them, when I'm ready. Not having things go my way when we arrived Australia was a bit of a shock. I wasn't prepared for endless rejection and the close-mindedness of employers. I wasn't prepared to feel like a failure or to feel like the things that make me special (confidence, bubbliness, positivity, sparkle) were disappearing day by day. It was hard. It has been hard. And in that time I wasn't enjoying life the way that I want to. This is my life. This is it. This is all that I have. Shouldn't this moment be the very best that it can be? Even if it's rather crap? Shouldn't I take a risk to be happy? I feel like I've wasted time here. Like I wasn't appreciating the flowers, the smell of the gum trees, the funny things that people say with an accent, the constant friendship, the love that my Gentleman and I share. I just let it rush by me, detached, only paying attention to my struggles and tears. That is not the way to live life. 

From now on I want to make an effort to live In Joy. Because it is an effort for me, positivity doesn't come naturally. It's something that I've had to teach myself when I realized that they world believes in you so much more when you believe in it. 

So that's it. Any thoughts or tips? Any resolutions that you've been working on or thinking about? Any plans to make your life the most "you"? I love thinking and talking about journeys of spiritual growth. I miss my Canadian friends for those kinds of conversations so if anyone wants to chat about making our world a bit better you could email me at Or you could start talking to your friends, that would make at least one small corner of this big old world a bit brighter. 

Take care of your heart, cherish your moments and keep your spirit warm...



Allison said...

I am all for living in joy and making the most of the momment. I also think that sometimes you just have to be where you are. And if where you are is in tears, then for a moment or 2 or 5, that's ok. I think we need to BE in every moment, but not necessarily enjoy every moment, if that makes sense. I try to ask myself (a lot) is this really what I want to be doing right now Sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's no. But what do I know :P

geetabix said...

Great post :)