On New Year's Eve morning we packed up our bush camp before 8am because it was meant to get to 42 degrees (107 F). As one of our friends said it was "murderously hot". We returned to Adelaide, to our hostel on the beach. We immediately had to lie down for a rest under a fan with a cold cider. I'm not used to this kind of heat. I have no idea how anyone manages to get any work done, my brain and body are so sluggish!

Our Australian New Year's Eve was very chilled out. We had no desire to party like mad or go drinking with strangers. When too much is made of NYE it is so easy for it to become a big disappointment. We went for dinner, went to the hostel bar and played cards, had a lie down.

We wandered down to the beach in time to catch the children's fireworks. I've never spent NYE anywhere but a place that you had to bundle up if you wanted to be outside for fireworks. But as you can see from the photos it was still super hot (and we're super tanned!)

I absolutely love fireworks and these were just great! After we went back to our room, watched some Top Gear and managed to stay up till midnight (barely!).

Today I am grateful for chilled out, non-pretentious good times. 


LyddieGal said…
I'm usually pretty low-key when it comes to NYE, but with that kind of weather, i might have to attend some sort of beach party, just because.

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