Australian signs are pretty funny things. 

Sometimes they are just about wildlife:

 Sometimes they are overly dramatic warnings about how many ways that you could die:

Sometimes they are about absolutely mad things like a Hook Turn. This is where you turn right from the far left lane when the light changes yellow. It's so that cars don't hold up trams but really it just seems like a serious accident waiting to happen because pretty much anyone from any direction can hit you:

And sometimes they are just rude when said out loud and when one doesn't understand the context:


Bella said…
Danielle, are you still in Australia? This was such a fun post! I loved reading the Aussie signs! It would seem they have a flair for the dramatic! :)
Style Journey said…
It's interesting the different types of signs you may see in another country. The one with the snake is crazy!
Laura Go said…
Dick what? I'm sooo confused.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Love it! I read about hook turns in Bill Bryson's "A Sunburned Country." Have you read it? It's a great book about traveling through Australia.
Anonymous said…
Ha! Yes, signs can be regional. I was in Florida once and saw several signs posted to watch out for alligators...and then you'd see one!
geetabix said…
Wow, that falling off a cliff one is graphic!

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