The world is (a new) flat

Since we arrived we had been staying with our very generous friends. At the beginning of January we found ourselves a new flat. After looking at a few that were extremely tiny and hideously dirty we settled on this one:

The outside. It's pretty tall. 

It's close to trams, across from the Botanical Gardens, near-ish to shops. 

The view from the bedroom window. The bedroom is a constant tip so no pictures of that.

We share with 4 other people: 2 French, 2 Italian. It's not as crowded as you might think. 

Living room

Best part? WE HAVE A POOL! And given that everyday in the last couple of weeks has been above 30 degrees, this is the best possible news (and deciding factor)

Gym, pool & tennis court

Also, I got a job. I'm working as a waitress at an American themed diner. It's pretty fun and funny. It's busy and hot. I'm learning how to make a spicy dipping sauce called Po'man's Cocaine. It got on my hand and then on my face and, dude, it burns. 

Yesterday between my lunch and dinner shifts I fell asleep on a park bench like a hobo. It was surprisingly comfortable. 

Next door's pool (they have a hot tub. We are jealous)

So this is the situation for the next few months. Seems like a good way to spend the summer.

Today I'm thankful for good roommates, a job, good shoes, air conditioning and a pool. 


Laura Go said…
Hurray, Danielle, on getting the job and moving into a new flat! with a pool. oh man, I'm envious.
♥ laura
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